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ACT: Prox Fob-B EM10T3

ISO proximity fob. Pack of 10 fobs.


Main Features:


  • ACT prox key fob 
    • Extremely robust 
    • Max range - 8 cm 
    • Supplied in packs of 10


  Fob For ACT5, ACT10 and ACTSmart readers. 





ACT Prox Fob-B -EM10T3

  • There has been a compatability  issue with some ACT cards and fobs and therfore careful consideration must be paid when ordering. 

    For ACT5-EM and ACTSmart 2 contollers  you can only use the EM10C3 card or the EM10T3 tag 

    If you have a controller on your system and it was installed BEFORE 2018 you will need to order EM10T1 tags or EM10C1 cards. 

    For system with a controller that was installed after 2018 you should be able to use either type. 

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