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ACTsmart 1090 (Pin only)

The ACTsmart 1090 is a combined pin only reader/controller. It can be standalone (one door), connected together in a master-slave configuration (up to 8 doors) or networked through a PC (up to 16 doors). 

ACTSmart 1090 Pin only reader

SKU: ACTSmart 1090
  •  Features:

    • Combined pin only reader and controller.
    • 1000 users.
    • Standalone (1 door), master-slave (8 doors) and networkable (16 doors)
    • Programmable inputs and outputs: push to exit, door monitoring, door alarm (ajar or forced), fire alarm override, interlock.
    • Tamper output. 5amp, 30 Volt DC relay.
    • Smartlock option for added security.
    • Polycarbonate housing, stainless steel keys.
    • Keypad backlighting. Indoor/Outdoor (IP67).
    • Surface/flush mount options. Mounts on standrad single gang electrical back box.
    • Can be programmed using - programming card (standalone), the master keypad (master-slave), ACTsmart2 software (network).

    Click here for ACTSmart manual. 

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