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The Q 3000 Alarm System


This starter kit is the perfect foundation for your smart home.


The Blaupunkt Q3000, consisting of alarm control panel, door / window sensor and motion detection, provides the basis for an efficient, yet affordable protection against burglary. With this reliable technology, the loud alarm kicks in when there is danger, but only in case of true danger. The door / window sensor prevents any unauthorized entrance of your home. The motion sensor monitors the interior of your home effectively.


Our Q-Series wireless technology saves you from the often cabling problematics. Blaupunkt safety systems are optimized for self-installation. With our precise manuals, set your alarm up yourself with a few simple steps. Pick the right place for the control panel, connect the panel to electricity and Internet, connect and mount the accessories, and you are ready to go.



Q-3000 Alarm Kit.

SKU: Q Pros 3000
£193.54 Regular Price
£168.54Sale Price
  • Features at a glance

    • Smart Home Security System based on IP: Contemporary protection, thanks to the App on mobile devices. Always know: Everything is safe
    • User friendly: Easy global control via App and Internet portal.
    • Inexpensive: No installation costs.
    • Safe to the last detail: Flexible and expandable, up to 40 sensors and accessory devices.

    The content of the Q3000 Alarm system Starter Kit:

    • IP control panel with integrated siren
    • Wireless Motion (IR S1L)
    • Wireless Door / Window Sensor (DC-S1)

  • We are making space for new stock - take advantage of great prices while stocks last. 


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