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BPT XDV/300A video amplifier


Unit for restoring or repeating the modulated video signal distributed by means of the twisted pair. Using the two jumpers SW1 and SW2, the amplified video distributor enables the signal loss on the line to be compensated

The jumpers must be set to position 6 dB when the unit is installed on the main line after 10 XDV/304 units. The jumpers must be set to position A (gain 20 dB) when the unit is installed on an output of the XDV/304 video distributor and if other XDV/304 units are to be cascaded. Owing to its small size, the unit can be inserted in a regular connector box (90x90x40 mm), or can be installed installed on a DIN guide (EN 50022). 



  • Supply voltage: from the power supplier XA/300LR to a maximum of 5 XDV/300A units.
  • Current demand: < 20 mA.
  • Enables the connection of up to 10 XDV/304 units.
  • Working temperature range: from 0 degrees C to +35 degrees C.


60 x 44 x 16 mm 


£74.60 Regular Price
£71.62Sale Price
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