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The bellcode Coded Access system is a high quality, versatile security product, \ncontrolling access via a keypad and an electric lock release mechanism.

Basic Operation

The model 200 Controller may be programmed with up to ten unique access codes.

If a valid code is entered on the keypad, the lock release will operate for a preset duration.

The controller may be programmed to operate an audible alarm under various circumstances, for example, if an invalid code has been repeatedly entered; the alarm will operate for a preset period, during which time the lock release cannot operate.

The keypad has one green and one red LED to indicate the system status to the user; the green LED indicates that the lock release is operating, whilst the red LED indicates an invalid entry or an alarm condition. The green LED also flashes briefly when a key is pressed.

Compatible with 216 and 217  keypads.

Also used in systems where access control is combined with audio or video systems.


Lock: Output Voltage: 13.8V (nominal)

Load (maximum): 0.5A (load inductive or resistive)
Alarm: Output Voltage: 13.8V (nominal)

Load (maximum): 50mA



PCB Only: 152mm x 76mm

ABS Enclosure: 230mm x 185mm x 45mm

BSTL 200 boxed controller

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