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The bellcode Coded Access system is a high quality, versatile security product, \ncontrolling access via a keypad and an electric lock release mechanism. \n \n
Basic Operation \nThe model 200 Controller may be programmed with up to ten unique access codes. \nIf a valid code is entered on the keypad, the lock release will operate for a preset \nduration. \nThe controller may be programmed to operate an audible alarm under various \ncircumstances, for example, if an invalid code has been repeatedly entered; the \nalarm will operate for a preset period, during which time the lock release cannot \noperate. \nThe keypad has one green and one red LED to indicate the system status to the \nuser; the green LED indicates that the lock release is operating, whilst the red LED \nindicates an invalid entry or an alarm condition. The green LED also flashes briefly \nwhen a key is pressed. The model 218 Keypad also has a built-in sounder with a \nbrief tone when a key is pressed and a constant tone when the lock release is \noperating. \n \nCompatible with 216, 217 and 218 keypads. \nAlso used in systems where access control is combined with audio or video systems. \n \nSpecifications: \n \n
Lock: \nOutput Voltage: 13.8V (nominal) \nLoad (maximum): 0.5A (load inductive or resistive) \n
Alarm: \nOutput Voltage: 13.8V (nominal) \nLoad (maximum): 50mA \n
Dimensions: \nPCB Only: 152mm x 76mm \nABS Enclosure: 230mm x 185mm x 45mm

BSTL 200 boxed controller

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