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BSTL 801-DESK mount handset



BSTL 801-Desk

SKU: 801-desk
£41.83 Regular Price
£40.16Sale Price
  • The traditionally styled BSTL 801-DESK is a version of the 801 handset that has been installed on a sloped pedestal for using as a desk mounted handset when this is more convenient for the user than having a wall mounted unit.

  • Features:



    • High-impact ABS plastic handset.
    • Wide handset suitable for the elderly.
    • Operates from both 12V AC or 12V DC.
    • Captive cable with plug in connector
    • traditional wiring (4+n)
    • operates 12V DC and 12V AC


    The 801 desk is interchangeable with any standard 801 handsets from other BSTL kits and systems.

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