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BSTL 801PS handset

\nThe BSTL 801PS handset is manufactured in white high-impact ABS plastic for high durability. It incorporates a lock release pushbutton on the base, under the handset to prevent inadvertent use. \nThis model - the 801PS also has a mute feature for turning off the ringing tone as well as privacy of speech which means that conversations between resident and visitor cannot be overhead or listened in to by other residents. This feature also prevents a reduction in call tone and speech levels if another resident purposely or inadvertently leaves their handset off the hook. \n \nThe electronic ring tone has a useful safety feature whereby the tone is reduced when the handset is off the hook. \n


\nThe telephone has two levels for the ringing tone which can be set on installation - or at a future date. \nThe model 801 operates from both 12v AC or 12v DC. \n


\nI Call \nR Speech Out (Mic) \nO Common \nT Speech In (Speaker) \nZ Lock \n


\n212 x 85 x 55mm

BSTL 801PS handset

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