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BSTL BT1 Telephone Dialling Interface Unit

\nThe BSTL BT1 Telephone interface offers the convenience of operating a door entry \nsystem from an existing BT style telephone without interfering with its normal usage. \nAll types of domestic tone-dial telephones are compatible with the BT1 including \ncordless DECT telephones which are of great benefit to those people with limited \nmobility. \nThe interface may also be connected onto a telephone switchboard via a dedicated \ntrunk line input. Please note, operation cannot be guaranteed with every PABX \navailable. \n


\nThe BT1 interface appears transparent to the phone line, even if the BT1 is not \npowered. \nWhen a call is made from the Entrance panel the phone will ring for a maximum of 30 \nseconds, a ringing tone will be heard at the panel. When the phone is picked up the \nvisitor can converse with the resident and operate a lock release by pressing the 1 \nkey to allow access. The door will be released for 3 seconds, during which time \nbeeps will be heard at the entrance and at the phone. \n \n The operations below require a connection to an external phone line/network: \n \nThe resident can activate the panel without a visitor initiating the call by picking up \nthe handset and pressing *, then 8. \nIf a resident is conversing with a visitor and an external phone call is received the resident can switch between visitor and external call. \n
\nConnection to the phone line
\nIt is illegal to tamper with, or wire into, the primary master socket from the telephone \nline coming into a house or office. \nThe BT1 must be connected between this primary master socket and any phones, \nFAX, etc inside the office/house. Connection to the primary master socket must be \nmade using the plug provided. A new master socket (not supplied) can then be wired \nto the BT1 using the diagram overleaf. \nA maximum of 3 phones/devices (equivalent to a REN of 3) can be connected to the \nnew master socket.

BSTL BT1 Telephone Dialling Interface Unit

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