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BSTL kit transformer


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BSTL kit transformer - 212

SKU: 212
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  • The BSTL kit transformer model 212 psu is a wall mounting, double insulated, fused transformer unit included in the BSTL 901 audio kit

    It has a nominal output of 12V AC @ 1 Amp useful many other applications.



    H 140mm x W 60mm x D 53mm


    Bell System Model 212 Door Entry Power Supply Unit PSU 12v AC Wall Mountable 1A
  • The PS4A is a new 4 amp pu that will  eventually replace the 212, 225 and the PS4.

    It has already replaced the 340C.

    Currently it is being supplied  in all audio kits instead of the 212.

    The 212 will only be supplied in the 901 kit - while stocks last. 

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