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Comelit Quadra Kit 8461X


The Comelit Quadra kits come supplied to suit a 1 button - 1 family set up but can be quickly and easily changed into a 2 button/2 family or 4 button/4 family system. Simply change the button as required ( 2 or 4 - supplied in kit) and then purchase additional monitors to suit.

This 2 wire video kit has a surface mount entrance panel - sleek and sophisticated and the Comelit Icona hands free monitor


This kit includes:



  • 4893 Quadra entry panel x 1
  • 6801W Maxi monitor x 1
  • 6817 flush box x 1
  • 6820 wall bracket x 1
  • 1214/2C Simplebus 2 and Simplebus Colour connection terminal x 1
  • 1216 Simplebus/ Kit system termination terminal x 1
  • 1209 Power supply x 1




  • The Quadra entrance panel has a colour camera with a wide field of vision and is equipped with white LED for illumination.
  • The panel is DDA compliant, with icons and indicator LEDs that light up depending on call status.
  • Manufactured from die-cast aluminium it has an impact protection rating of IK10.




  • Colour monitor for flush-mounting (on Art. 6817) or wall-mounting (on support Art. 6820) with 7" 16:9 screen, hands-free full-duplex audio and touch sensitive controls.
  • Allows brightness, contrast and audio volume control, plus adjustment of the volume of the ringtone, which can be customised with a choice of different melodies.
  • Equipped as standard with control buttons for lock-release and audio enable/disable with relative indicator LEDs, plus 6 further buttons for self-ignition, privacy service and other programmable functions.
  • Manages floor door calls and call repeat as standard.
  • Complete with 2 x 8-position DIP-switches for user code programming and button programming
  • Equipped with riser distribution terminal Art 1214/2C.
  • The monitor can only be used in 2-wire SimplebusTop Color systems.


223 x 124 x 25mm.


Comelit Quadra Kit 8461X

SKU: 8461X
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£791.28Sale Price
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