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THE BEST SOLUTION FOR RESIDENTS WHO NEVER WANT TO MISS A CALL. The Visto WiFi video doorbell is an Italian designed smart doorbell which allows audio and video communication from your door to your smartphone or tablet, while utilizing your existing doorbell wiring for power.




Comelit Visto Video DoorBell with Chime

  • You can download for free the COMELIT APP FOR VISTO SYSTEM

    The Visto app is the main interface which allows users to easily interact with the Visto smart doorbell and additional cameras. It allow full two-way communication with HD resolution video and crystal clear audio. It is possible to view the images of all the cameras of the Visto smart doorbells and of the additional cameras which might be in the system. You can view all recorded images and videos stored on your device or on the cloud
  • WI-FI VISTO KIT WITH POWER SUPPLY UNIT AND BELLKit composed of art. Visto (smart doorbell), 3532 (chime), 3534 (power supply). Italian designed smart doorbell wich allow audio/video communication from the door to the smartphone/tablet using the Wi-Fi network. Complete with wireless bell and power supply. With the Visto app You will always be in touch with what is going on at your house, if You are accross town or even in another country. Dark graphite RAL9011 colour.

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