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Compact BSTL colour video monitor


The new Compact BSTL colour video monitor - Bellissimo Colour Video Telephone



Compact BSTL colour video monitor - BS

£180.48 Regular Price
£173.26Sale Price
  • This contemporary and stylistic Bellissimo video telephone has a slim-line and curvaceous profile, and as it is supplied in white it will complement most wall furnishings.


    This is new compact version of the BSTL video monitor which now replaces the older style Bellissimo monitor.



    • Fresh modern look
    • 'Soft-touch' silicone rubber push buttons that are backlit and have clear operating symbols
    • 'Privacy of speech' (Only the called resident can converse with the caller)
    • Manufactured in white high-impact ABS plastic that imparts high durability
    • 3.5" flat tube display
    • Variable contrast and brightness
    • High definition quality picture
    • Operation over long distances
    • Possible to wall mount this monitor without the need for an additional bracket


    You can use this monitor with any of the BSTL video panel options.



    H = 225mm W = 180mm D = 60mm

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