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ER301.  12v / 24v timer module.

Timing adjusts from 1second to 60 minutes.
This timer offers three timing modes selectable by jumpers: Instant – Delay – Latch and also has a Pulse Reset mode.

Instant:  Will energise the relay upon power up until time-out.

Delay: Energerise the relay after time-out after power up

Latch: Allows the timer to go into cylic mode(unlinked), useful if the timer is used for flashing a warning light.

Pulse Rest Mode: A short positive pulse aaplied at the reset pin will re-start the timer before the timing period elapses. For example,the RESET pin can be connected to a push button type switch and  the relay contacts to an electric door release of an entry system to extend the door release energise period.


Input voltage: 11.5v to 28V DC
Supply current: Standby: 10mA Relay on: 2A
Relay contacts: Voltage: 50VDC/AC Current: 2A
Mechanical relay life: 1 million


43 x 75 20 mm

ER301 Timer Module

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