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Speaker unit with separate microphone for RP/R, TM and NP/N push button panels.
It is composed by a double amplifier (reception and transmission) with outside volume adjustment. It can be placed also in the other push buttons panels by means of art. 299 adapter.


Technical Data

Power supply:6-8VDC
Stand-by current: 15mAd
Operating current: 70mA   
Operating temperature: -20 -  50 degrees C

Admissible humidity: 90% RH

1 = Reception audio line
2 = Transmission audio line
3 = Positive power supply
4 = Ground
Volume adjustment: In order to increase the gain of the amplifier on the transmission channel turn the VOLUME trimmer clockwise


Farfisa 337C speech amplifier

SKU: 337c
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£37.72Sale Price
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