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Q3200  Home Alarm System.

The Q3200 Home Alarm System is the perfect starter kit facilitating the monitoring of your premises whilst you are not on site.

Can be expanded to up to 40 devices

The content of the Q3200 Visual Monitoring Set is:

• IP control panel with integrated siren
• PIR Camera (motion detector with photo function) (IRC-S1)
• Door / Window Sensor (DC-S1)
• Remote control (RC-S3)

The Blaupunkt Q series is particularly effective because:

  • It can be easily installed by yourself. Wireless and Plug and Play
  • It provides a loud siren alarm and mobile alerts.
  • There is minimal risk of false alarms
  • Allows a situation assessment via the camera

The alarm centers design, camouflaging as a speaker, reveals nothing about its actual function. The door/window reliable sensors report unauthorized openings. Additional motion detectors can be installed to widen the protected area. The alarm center has a loud built-in siren that will send a clear signal during an attempted unauthorized entry with additional sirens available for outdoor use.

Great visual control: a motion sensor with an integrated camera.

Register burglar automatically with our motion sensor and integrated PIR camera. Captured photos are instantly sent to your phone. Find out in real-time what happens in your house or apartment so that you can quickly make the right decisions. Gain valuable time by alerting neighbors, friends, or of course, the police. The built-in flash allows good pictures even in unfavorable light.

Optimize system according to your wishes: 40 Sensors for all-round protection.

The Blaupunkt Q-series is easily and quickly expanded: water sensors, carbon monoxide sensors or smoke detectors and heat sensors for fire protection, these are just some of the many expansion options. Additional sirens increase the volume and security, and remote controls offer comfort. With radio adapter plugs, you can turn your home over to your alarm system quickly and easily, making your house a modern smart home.

Easy to use my app, Internet portal or remote control.

Download the free app Secure4Home (iOS and Android) and enjoy the service. The service is user-friendly, so clear and simple. With the Internet portal, you can use all functions and easily program your system to your own liking. On vacation, you can simulate anytime and anywhere in your presence. So you are always at home, on the move. Alternatively, use the convenient remote control for setting the basic functions in the area of the house. There is also an optional keyboard that you can install, for example in the entrance area, one of many possibilities.

Q3200 Home monitoring kit

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